Manager’s Names: Diane Harding & David King (Directors)

Date : 31 January 2018

Type of Company and Office Environment:
Norfolk House sell International Furnishing Fabrics to the Top Brands and Manufacturers in the UK. We also run Interiors Exhibitions and Recruit Textile Designers and Sales Agents.
We are a small, busy and friendly family business with currently 6 employees.
The office is bright, spacious and well equipped with free parking and you will have a large desk right next to big window with 2 monitors.
We always have the radio on and dresscode is casual most days.

Main skills and requirements:
If you are passionate about interior textiles and have the following attributes you are perfect for this job.
You should be good on the telephone and like computer work such as excel, word and email.
You should be a great communicator – confident and amiable.
You should love being busy – as there is lots of work all the time.
You are a Good organiser with excellent time management skills. You will be juggling lots of balls!
You will Enjoy learning about Furnishing Fabrics.
You are a Team player as this is a small office and you will be asked to help with other work when others are on holiday or off sick.
You should be reliable, honest and have a great attention to detail.

Main Responsibilities and estimated hours per week:
MILL SALES MANAGEMENT – deal with all enquiries from customers and mills (most by email) and send out price lists as required. Manage and keep price lists up to date and file correctly in both computer and paperwork files when sending to a customer. Log all sample orders and file all meeting notes (19 hours a week)
SHOWROOM DISPLAY – We display all mills we represent in our showroom and you will spend a bit of time each week refreshing the boards with new designs (0.5 hours a week)
PA to Directors – booking appointments with customers. Assist with travel bookings occasionally. Attend a couple of exhibitions a year max 4 a year. Arranging training for staff – note this is not you to train just organise the dates. Order stock with our suppliers. You may also be required to do some trend reports (6.5 hours a week)
SAMPLE & MEETING FOLLOW UPS – phone and email for feedback and answers from current customers & suppliers. Add info to log and email to all mills and ensure customers get answers to all their queries. (5 hours a week)
STATIONERY STOCK CHECK – keep stationery cupboard in order and check we have enough stock weekly and place order with Accounts Controller. (1 hour a week)
FABRIC SOURCING – if customers ask us to find certain types of fabrics and prices – you will search through our mill ranges and contact mills to ensure the customer gets what they are looking for – either samples or photos. (0.5 hours a week)
GENERAL OFFICE DUTIES – tea and coffee, welcoming guests, minutes of meetings, assist other staff with keeping office clean & tidy – various as required. (2.5 hours a week)
Plus cover for any other staff or management who are off sick or on holiday.

HOURS: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (35hrs a week) with 1 hour break
Salary – max £9 per hour (£16,380 per annum) + Personal Target Bonus (not sales related) achievable – £100 a month (£1200 per annum) dependent on experience
Total possible including Bonus £17,580 per annum
+ Alphabet Shares in the Company (profit Share) after 6 months of employment.

Email your CV to to be considered. 

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Salary: £9 per hour (£16,380 per annum) maximum dependent on experience + Personal Target Bonus achievable

Location: Wolverton, Milton Keynes