Textile / Surface Pattern Designers / Stylists & Colourists Wanted – Saudi Arabia

Textile / Surface Pattern Designers / Stylists & Colourists Wanted – Saudi Arabia

I have a client based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – the Top Furnishing Fabric Supplier in the Middle East (with a growing business throughout the rest of the World). The contract is for a minimum of 1 year – but you will return to the UK for 1 week every 3 months either to work in Milton Keynes or have 1-week unpaid holiday. We are looking for 2 experienced or new graduates to join 2 other UK designers and Diane Harding in Jeddah. 

You will work in their Design Studio with 4 other UK designers as well as Diane from Oct/Nov 2018 for 1 year – this can be extended – if you like the work and they like you. These positions are for new graduates as well as experienced designers.

Over the last 15 years we have sent many graduates and experienced designers abroad to work – so you can talk to them about their experiences before you decide to take the job. Many of them have returned to the UK and with this experience on their CV have found excellent design jobs within the industry for example Romo, GP & J Baker, Prestigious, Next, Ashley Wilde & Harlequin.

All that is required is that you have a degree in Surface Pattern, Weave, Embroidery or Print design.

First interviews will take place with Diane (if you have not been interviewed by her already) over the next 6 weeks.

Some more info:

  • They currently have a team of 10+ designers /buyers (all of which speak perfect English)
  • You will be creating interior textile collections working on design and colour with various mills from around the world.  You will also travel to Turkey, India or China to visit exhibitions and the mills.
  • The company will arrange and pay for all your travelling expenses including the return flights along with the Visa and Insurance.
  • You travel out with Diane or another UK designer – so you will have companionship and guidance.
  • You will stay in a large 5 bed-roomed high-quality house based in an ex pat compound with dining, kitchen, lounge facilities with 4 other designers from the UK. You will have your own bedroom. In the ex-pat compound where there is a European community you can use the gym and pool and not wear an Abaya (as a Western woman you do not need to wear a headscarf at any time) There is also a private beach nearby where you can swim and sunbathe without issue. This accommodation is all paid for by the company.
  • A new graduate will be paid £1000 per month– which will give you a very comfortable living in Jeddah – considering your accommodation is all paid for.
  • A designer/stylist/ colourist with 3 years plus experience could earn between £1500 – £4000 a month in addition your accommodation is all paid for.
  • You will work 5.5 days a week Saturday (3pm – 7pm) Sunday – Thursday (9am – 7pm with a 30 mins break). Long hours but you will soon get used to it and I can promise the work will be exceptionally creative and satisfying – the time fly’s!
  • You will receive 1 full Saturday off every month as holiday (so you can go away for the weekend i.e. Friday and Saturday) as well as any Saudi religious holidays.
  • You will receive 1-week unpaid holiday to the UK with return flight paid for – every 3 months (dates decided by the company) plus 15 days of your choice paid holiday a year.
  • The company will pay for the return flight at the start and end of your contract along with Visa and Health & Travel Insurance and £1000 towards your flights for the 15 days paid holiday.   There are additional benefits to be discussed at your interview. 

Interested? If I have not interviewed, you before please email  your CV  to cherish.king@norfolkhouse-uk.com with pics of your best work including design co-ordinates and colourways asap! Thank you.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

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Salary: £1,000 - £4,000 Per month

Location: Saudi Arabia, Jeddah